About us


A short history of the 13+ Project

The 13+ Project was first formed in 1992 to offer a range of youth services for the young people of Louth. Operating initially in premises in Little Eastgate.

In 2000 ,after running successfully for a number of years, the project became a charity.

In 2011 the Youth services supplied at the Youth Centre by the County Council were terminated due to cuts in government funding. The 13+ Project stepped forward and agreed to lease the centre from the Council to ensure youth services continued and to avoid the closure of the centre as a community asset.

The Louth 13+ Youth and Community Centre is now a hive of activity and provides a much needed venue for young people and senior members of our community to socialise and attend various groups.

The project is run by a board of trustees who have relevant skills and knowledge.The charity hires youth workers to provide a consistent service, helped by our valued volunteers many of whom have previously attended the youth centre.

The project operates an open door policy – ‘if the door is open, come on in’ also we leave labels at the door, which enables us to work with all young people without judgement.

Our project continues to develop a wide range of groups and activity days to meet the needs of our community and Louth.

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