Dom’s Place


Free Session Mondays

11-19 years 4pm – 6pm

A support group for young people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, self-harm, bullying, low confidence and/or any mental health issues.

Dom’s Place is a safe place to meet up with others who are experiencing worrying, sad or upsetting thoughts.

  • Welcoming environment and relaxing, non-judgemental atmosphere
  • Provides 1-1 support, signposting, positive activities, pool, table tennis, basketball, cooking, music, arts & crafts plus much more
  • Refreshments and chillout space

It is essential that these young people are not marginalised and are encouraged to develop skills, to try new experiences and be allowed to have good and bad days.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01507 602868 or 07873 861353 or email us at


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