Watch This Space!

We are so excited to be almost fully reopen for our Youth groups… just the Friday nights to get back up and running and we are so close you can almost touch it!

AND we have had some amazing support from funders over the last few months…so its a HUGE thank you from us all!

We have repainted the Centre with the support of recently opened Brewers Decorator Centre, who donated all the paint and equipment needed to brighten the space up (see before & after photos below). Now we have a blank canvas to really update the Centre with plans for an art gallery space and bright new sofa covers, a new chill out space, a dedicated gaming space… and plenty of scope to develop and adapt the space as needs arise.

Ros Jackson, labour district councillor for Trinity Ward has awarded us £600 for our ‘Space Inbetween’ project to improve an overgrown and unsightly area of our grounds. We will be removing the brambles that have taken over and overgrow neighbouring properties, before planting shrubs and installing an insect hotel. This will make the space better looking for us humans and safer for retrieving lost footballs, as well as making sure there is still a habitat for the creatures and creepy crawlies to thrive.

We are also so excited to have received a Louth Town Council grant for just over £300 to create a new art gallery space and doodle wall in the Centre. Our youth groups will be the first to create exhibitions before we offer the space to our soon-to-start over 55s group.

So when we said watch this space, we really mean it. There are lots of exciting things about to happen!

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